The wait is over – Afrojack and fellow Dutch artist Eva Simons have released the video to their hit song, “Take Over Control”. While the song is amazing (especially its extended version), the video leaves much to be desired. The songs great lyrics provided enough visuals for the director to go on: “Let’s go take a ride in your car/I will take the passenger seat.” I wanted to see that – Eva and Afrojack riding in a car on the open highway at twilight or whatever, but instead we get Eva with Lady Gaga “Telephone”esque background dancers hanging out in a schoolbus in the desert (equally Lady Gaga “Telephone”esque in its irony) and Afrojack making an appearance in two, maybe three scenes.I still love the song and I’m a fan of both Eva and Afrojack and I’m looking forward to more things from both of them.

What do you guys think?