Fresh from performing at Electric Zoo last weekend, Benny Benassi is currently on the West Coast, gearing up to play in six different cities and getting to each location by bike. We had a chance to talk to him about the bike tour, read on below.

Radio Morillo: What prompted you to start this bike tour at this point in your career?

Benny Benassi: I’ve wanted to do a tour by bike for ages, but I kept putting it off. I finally decided to go for it. After the summer seemed just the right time as it gave me some time and good weather to train and get fit.

RM: Why California?

BB: I went on a road trip with my family recently and drove down from San Francisco. I saw what the roads were like, the scenery, the distances. I knew I could rely on SF, LA and SD to put on a show and we could fill it in from there.

RM: How many miles will you cover a day?

BB: It won’t be the same distance every day but it’ll average out at around 130 kilometers a day. What’s that in miles? Between 90 and 100, I guess.

RM: It seems tiring to both bike to a location then set up for your performance. What will you be doing to ensure you are feeling good in time for you to get behind the tables?

BB: Come on, it’s fun… I have to leave something to chance!

RM: What kind of training did you have to go through to prepare for this?

BB: Nothing special. I have been cycling since I was a kid. I’m always pedaling a fixed gear. There are periods when it’s more intense and I ride every day, other periods, particularly over winter, or if I have a long tour, when it’s less frequent. But obviously I’ve ridden daily for a couple of months to prepare.

RM: Do you hope to do more bike tours in the future?

BB: That’s a good question! This one hasn’t been planned as “the first in a series,” but, you know, it’s exciting and taking shape. You never know!

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