Amidst the hectic atmosphere and the ongoing DJ sets, we had a chance to catch up with The Glitch Mob guys Josh, Ed, and Justin after their Electric Zoo performance. Here’s what they had to say about their first stint at Electric Zoo, touring the world, and the deeper meaning behind some of their music:


Boom Boom Chik: How was it performing at Electric Zoo for the first time?

The Glitch Mob: Amazing, it was great; we love New York. Josh use to live here and it’s one of our favorite places in the world, beautiful, magical, still kinda rushing from it.

BBC: How was the crowd, how did they engage with you guys? Did they engage with you guys?

GM: Oh yeah, amazing, what we noticed was people actually watch the way we perform now, it is a difference, a lot of our fans are obviously into A-Trak or something like that, but it’s a different combination. They’re more mesmerized by all the things that are going on as supposed to just dancing. I think it’s a good mix of, like, you have your moments when you can go crazy, but you also have your moments when its like, ‘what the hell are you guys doing up there?’

GM: It’s like a little bit of your traditional hands in the air raving, and then also watching a concert basically, so there are a lot of people who are watching I think. The true catch for us is that by the end of the set are we able to hold the same amount of people in the tent that we started with, or pack it up even harder, if that happens, we generally know that we did alright, so, today was great

BBC: So you guys have been touring around the world, how does it feel? Any cool stories?

GM: It’s a huge honor to travel around and go to places like Budapest, Romania, Hungary, we’re going to Australia, its that kind of thing where making music is our passion and calling and the fact that we can go somewhere so far away from where we’re from and not know a single person, to have people come out, it blows our minds every single time, I just feel really honored to get to do it and have the music travel.

GM: Exactly what he said, it’s really an honor, this is what we get to do, thanks to the fans.

BBC: You started out with remixes and then to the studio for the album. What is the difference between the remixes and the album for you in terms of your creativity and output?


GM: Well I think with the remixes generally what we try to do is take someone else’s music and kind of re-interpret it in our style and what we’ve become known for, trying to make it a better song than what it is, which can be a daunting task sometimes when you are given a really amazing tune. I think with an album you’re generally trying to put down a piece of yourself, something a little bit more personal, a little bit more original, and that was the case with the Drink the Sea. We were trying something new and the record was something that was really personal and sentimental to the three of us. You know we weren’t afraid to try something different, because we know we can always go back into remix territory and essentially do what The Glitch Mob is known for, and that was exactly it, not to say the we won’t write an album that sounds like our remixes in the future, but for this particular album it was a case of point in time, what we were feeling and what we wanted to express at that point in time came out on in Drink the Sea.

BBC: What is the inspiration behind the cover for Drink the Sea?

GM: Psychadelics.

BBC: Good answer. We asked some of our readers to submit some questions for your guys and one guy wanted to know what kind of hardware/software should an aspiring glitch engineer possess?

GM: Well you know at this day and age the software is getting so amazing and so cost effective that it all boils down to preference. We seen some a amazing producers use everything from Reason, to Ableton, to some of more, professional apps out there, but honestly, if you have a way of making sounds an recording that, you can make amazing music, you don’t need the most top notch stuff in the entire world, it all comes from within and the inspiration; That’s really it, it’s up to the imagination.

GM: We have done it on everything from an iPhone to the most top end studio that you can do it on, so it really doesn’t matter, just put in the time, effort and love into it.

BBC: And the final question is… What is the story behind “Dream Within A Dream?”

GM: The story is in the song, you know something we’ve always been big on is letting people decide what the music means to them, we don’t want to predetermine what this music means to you. So I think the more appropriate question is what does “Dream Within A Dream” mean to you?

You can listen to the entire interview below:

What did you guys think of The Glitch Mob’s first Electric Zoo performance?