I came across Silbermond when I was studying abroad in Germany a few years ago. I watched them perform “Zeit für Optimisten” (meaning “Time for Optimists” in German) on TV when they performed at the Berlin Live 8 Concert  and from that moment forward I knew that they were a band to reckon with.

Upon first listening to them or even looking at their picture, images of just-another-rock-band fronted by an egotistical diva pop up, but that’s definitely not what you get when you first listen to them. Songs like “Zeit” sound similar to a lot of the punk rock songs we’ve heard in the past five years but Silbermond has perfected the softer, ballad-y rock that we haven’t heard in a while: it’s reminiscent of Hoobastank (think “The Reason”), Creed, and Nickelback. Frontwoman Stefanie Kloss’s voice blends perfectly with the accompanying instruments which play as important a part as the vocals; even the music videos do a good job of highlighting all of the members. They’ve even had one of their hit songs, “Symphonie”, remade by British songstress Sarah Brightman.

Check out two Silbermond songs below:

Here’s “Meer sein” (“His Sea”):

Here’s “Das Beste” (“The Best”):


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