I found Catherine Feeny while sifting through BoomBoomChik’s inbox and I’ve been listening to her latest release, People in the Hole, on repeat for two days. It’s an album that invokes images of autumnal change, humility, and virtuosity The album contains the sounds of yesteryear (such as the song “He’s Like You Only Better” and “You’d Better Run”), jazz songs played on guitar (“Bleeder”), Americana (“Junk Queen”) and ballads that contain multitudes (“The Rest of Them”). Feeny feels like an old friend and sounds “like” so many artists that in fact she sounds like none of them. My trouble pinpointing who she sounds like is a testament to a music writer’s need to label instead of inform as well as Feeny’s ability to make the music about the music. Feeny’s music sounds like music; it’s melodious, harmonious, layered, and well written. It is not white noise, a “beat”, or anything else posing as music (we have a lot of these, nowadays).

I take interest in artists like Feeny who are from everywhere and nowhere. She grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and eventually ended up in Los Angeles where she became a serious singer/songwriter. She was briefly signed to EMI and moved overseas after being dropped. She is now based in Portland, Oregon and slated to release her third album, People in the Hole, on June 25th.

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Catherine Feeny – The Rest of Them