Yet another LaGuardia alum has taken the forefront to assault the soundwaves. This time, it’s singer/songwriter P. Murray who released his debut EP, First Draft, today. First Draft‘s sound can be described as R&B infused with melodic and smooth lines and vocals found in classical music. Murray doesn’t exude the forceful, belting exuberance that many present-day R&B singers prefer, opting instead for a smooth, thoughtful yet powerful sound. He doesn’t yell the music at you, he sings it to you. The vocal arrangements of tunes like “Maneuveration” or “Take My Beat” featuring Papi Shank are unexpected and clever; the latter song is the EP’s self-described “club banger” with vocal arrangements and harmonies that are seldom used in popular music today.  That said, the EP doesn’t try to overtly sound like it’s full of itself or revel on what sets it apart from other R&B records. At its heart, First Draft is an R&B record that isn’t afraid of trying something a little different.

You can purchase the full length EP for $5 or download each track individually for $1. To download First Draft click HERE.

Here’s the first single off of First Draft entitled “iBet” by P. Murray:


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