After a recent hunt for the newest MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) artists, I came upon Luisa Maita and instantaneously began to move to the infectious beats of songs such as “Lero-Lero” and “Fulaninha” off her upcoming release Lero-Lero (Cumbancha). Like artists such as Bebel Gilberto, Maria Rita, and Céu, Maita, a 28-year-old São Paulo native, came from a family of musicians which certainly gave her a lifetime of exposure to music and to audiences. Unlike other artists, Maita’s vocals are much like a folk singer: not self-conscious, not indulgent, raw. Such voices extrapolate from life experiences and emotions, not popular singing styles and techniques. Much is to be said of the instrumental accompaniment, which are simply splendid – a return to basics never sounded so good.

In anticipation for the release of Lero-Lero, the title track “Lero-Lero” is available from Maita’s website as a free download. Click HERE for more details.

Here’s “Lero-Lero” by Luisa Maita:


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