Night 4 @ CMJ was the one i sort of thought, hey i can miss this concert, no biggie, but I’m so glad i didn’t. My friend Mabel was also of the same mentality, luckily she had made the same choice as I.

The funny part is that we waited on line for Like an hour and half. I never wait on line, but I was dedicated ( and of course it was raining, cold and by the river). We waited at the head of the line for at least 30 of those minutes, they were packed to capacity. We finally check in with the list guy, and unbeknownst to us, we get 2 drink tickets.

After that I was in to win it.

Amazing baby was playing when we got to the stage and the they were rocking the crowd with their melodramatic pop tracks that had a lot of the fans singing. I never really liked them when I first heard them, but after seeing about 4-5 tracks from them, I think its time to give it another go around. They have a great stage presences which is key to putting on a good show. Their sound is very smooth and put together well, they are gonna do well.

Just finished our first drink at the end of the AB set. We quickly refueled and made our way to the front row. Being in the front row was ridiculous, and I’m sure it was more so than usual as Chromeo was about to come one.

Lights go down and the crowd is getting excited, immediately they start chanting “Chromeo, oooooh-oh” over and over again, then the intro track comes on and Dave 1 & P-Thugg come out. They played all their hits, plus their new single “Night by Night.” A truly great performance. they had so much energy and just looked like 2 friends having a blast.

Night ended at the Pure Volume House in LES for the CMJ Staff party. Philly Phil was bartending and we drank the rest of the night away.

One more day.