Mr. Vega, which we have discussed many times in the past is about to release his newest EP, LIVE DANCE THEN DIE. And let me tell you, it Its definitely electro goodness.

Mr. Vega, who has done a plethora of remixes for artists everywhere, has crafted his own beats to share with the world. With screaming synths, groovy beats, and chopped up vocal snippets, each track has it unique sound which together make for great listening experience.

Besides his original tracks, he has remixes from Jemex, Interweb Kidz, Lapse and Radio krome on the album which are equally impressive.

The album will sound good on the buds but put it on a PA and I’m 99.9% sure you’ll have the boys and girls sweating. Look out for the album in late June on Dirty Disco Tracks


Mr. Vega – get Up On the Dance Floor

Mr. Vega – It’s Coming (Jemex Remix)