So I was browsing the internets and stumbled upon these two hot remixes of Mariah Carey’s I’ll be Lovin’ You Long Time. I found both of these to be the most refreshing and different out of the others I heard. Remixes aren’t publicized as much and it’s such a shame. Sometimes the remixes are the best versions of the song since they are different takes on the track itself. I think, a lot of times, remixes makes you feel the music more.

So, while listening to these hot tracks I did a little bit of research. The first remix featured here is by Designer Drugs a New York City based dj set with an electro/dance sound and a lot of versatility. Their remix of I’ll be Lovin’ You Long Time has more of a house feel. I highly recommend checking out their other tracks on their myspace page.

The second remix is by a Turkish DJ named Sevan-O. This track is smooth house. Very relaxing, airy and flowy. I wasn’t able to find too much about this DJ online but you can check out some of his other remixes on his myspace page.

Sit back, relax, bop your head and enjoy,

Mariah Carey – I’ll be Lovin’ You Long Time (Designer Drugs Remix)

Mariah Carey – I’ll be Lovin’ You Long Time (Sevan-O Remix)