Nurbek Komekov, aka Nurtuan, has hit us with a fresh remix from DJMental Blue of his latest record “Give Me A Chance,” a catchy pop tune that pounds your brain with its hook and futuristic synth work. The remix takes all the best parts of the original and elevates it to late night club status. Big gritty synths and pounding dance beats is what you will find on this remix. Be careful though, playing this remix may cause people to start dancing.

Peep the awesome, makes you want to party video for the remix below and look for more Nurtuan at your favorite digital retailer


Nurtuan Bio:
Nurbek Komekov – singer, music producer, poet, better known as Nurtuan. Founder of “Nurtuan Records” sound recording firm. Nurtuan graduated from Almaty Music High School in 2005 and moved to New York in 2010. He is currently working on his first International Album. Be ready for hits in English, Spanish and French!

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