LexiconDon, part of the Binary Collective in LA, is the synth-pop union of Alex Koons and Fabian Ordorica, a relationship that was forged during a year spent working at Hollywood Sound Studios in 2008. After the meeting, the two started to craft these delicious pop tunes that were inspired by their struggles of getting by in LA. In 2009 that band saw the addition of Sam Gabbard (guitar) and Matteo Eyia (drums) to round out a band that creates a show that is built on the energy of live instrumentation and the charisma of Koons interacting with their fans.

Their first foray into the music world came when they released their song “Heart Attack” to great fanfare in 2009. This led them to opening for Little Boots at her sold out NME showcase at Spaceland, being featured on on KCRW, as well as getting picked up by various college radio stations. With a few more tunes crafted, the band hit the road, sharing a stage with acts like Neon Indian, Class Actress, Toro y Moi, and MADRAD, rising stars of indie pop.

Finally in 2010 it was time for LexiconDon to put together their debut LP,  Pink and Blue. I was treated to a copy of the album, and I can’t stop listening to it. As of this writing I am on the 5th listening session. There is a sense of nostalgia in these heartfelt party jams that I can’t get enough of. While listening to the album I couldn’t help but feel a ton of energy and emotions coming from their tracks.

There is a little bit of everything on this album, but it all starts with gorgeous synth production work. You got soothing pads, synth basslines, screaming leads and funky arpeggios over simple dance beats that provide the foundation. Then you add the vocal work of Koons whose sing-speak voice provides a little grit and angst to the sing-a-long hooks. There is no doubt a lot of time has gone into crafting this songs. They are tunes that talk about love, girls and being young at heart.

My favorite track on the album was “Heart Attack,” it is a dancefloor filler. From minute 1 of the 4 to the floor kick drum you know you have club jam. When the dirty synth chorus comes in with the chanting lyrics you cant help but move your extremities no matter where you are–So much energy. (would love to see how the kid react to this jam in a club) In a close second though was “Boy vs Girl Pt 1” this track opens with a funky arpeggio and disco-themed base line and is just makes your feel good from beginning to end, like most of the tracks on the album. Other highlights include the funk-laced “Student Body” and “Sleep 2 Dream” which has this crazy guitar solo that shreds near the end.

Overall, I would have to say that Pink and Blue is definitely an album to get the people moving. Make sure to pick it up when it is released on the dubFrequency/Binary imprint in August 24th. In the meantime check out the first single from the album, “December Sunset”, below.


LexiconDon – December Sunset