Enter the sonically blissful world of Adaledge. He is set to release his debut Long player today titled Vintage Feelings. No one really knows much about this guy, but what I can gather from some research is that the owners of Triple Down Records overheard his music in a bar one night, and upon asking the bartender about it, found out it was a friend of his. This is how they made contact with this mysterious character.

After a few correspondences the label found out that in 2003 he won the lottery and has since spent every waking moment making music, which up to this point, had only been shared with friends. With a little finagling Triple Down was able to get him to release Vintage Feelings.

I had a chance to listen to this LP and the only way to describe it is as a a dense sonic universe where each song has its distinct place in orbit. All of his tracks have layers upon layers of ambient pianos, IDM drum beats, sporadic synths. The LP is unique because it doesn’t really follow any one genre or format. The tracks are not so much songs as they are crafted compositional pieces that often times find itself moving through different movements with a distinct character and feel for each– definitely a multiple listens album. Adalaledge has this to say about the album,

VF comes from years of influence both physical, social, and mental. it also has moments that are free of any influence, time, space, or standard musical structure. it’s unforgiving. if it isn’t what you were expecting i apologize.

When you start to get into the meat of the album you find tracks like “Without You, I’d Be Me”, for example, which has this sweet piano melody that builds and builds till a textured drum beat drops. When you mix it some blips and random sound FX, you get a piece of music that takes you out for your body and into your mind. Then you have a track like “Lionest” that aslo has a really delicate piano melody with some future-hop beats similar to stuff FlyLo would do. The basic motifs are always there, but Adaledge just adds more and more layers to give it some texture and feeling.

If you can’t get into the whole crazy experimental/ambient sounds that Adaledge sculpts, then you at least have to check out the first single, “Telos.” This beautiful track is probably the most palatable for the average listener and one of the standouts of the the LP.

If you find out that “Telos” does it for you, then I highly recommend you check out the rest of the album which Triple Down is giving away for free from his website until May 25. Light up a joint, put your headphones on and get ready for a trip.

Grab Vintage Feelings now and insert a little crazy in your day.


Adaledge – Telos