Baltimore group, The Perfects, have been a round for a bit, but not until last year did the five-piece start to make waves in the scene. Founding member Ric Peters started The Perfects in 2005, resulting in a five-piece group that has the ability to bridge the futuristic sounds of today with the melodic core of yesterday. They headed into the studio with producer Nic Hard in 2006 (The Bravery, The Church), and came back with their self-titled EP that won over critics and fans alike. In ’09 they once again pared with Nic Hard as well as Richard Vission and Grammy award winner Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) for their debut full length, Future Automatic. The collaboration resulted in a sound that can only be described as electro infused rock.

When Listening to Future Automatic I couldn’t help but think of them as The Bravery meets Duran Duran, but with some dark, moody overtones. At the core of their sound you have solid energetic dance beats with crunchy melodic guitars riffs and a wide array of synths that go anywhere from dark arpeggios to screaming leads. When you add that, a butt-load of pop and voice that reminds me of Gabe Saporta, the ex lead singer of Midtown, you have something that will make any dancefloor move while at the same time making radio stations happy.

Future Automatic will see a re-release on their new label, FU Records, in Spring of 2010. Rather than battling the leak, The Perfects have followed the footsteps of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails and will give the album away as a free download from their website.  The album will still be available on iTunes and Amazon for fans that want to make a contribution to the band


The Perfects – Darling Angel
The Perfects - Future Automatic