Napoleon is a 10 piece Swedish soul-pop band who formed in the spring of 2003 after seeing a Napoleon Bonaparte documentary. Songwriter and band leader Alexander “T-Glow” Havelda suggested that since he and his band mates shared a goal of world domination, Napoleon would be the only name that would work for the group.

The band is set to release their latest single, “Baghdad, Me and The Hitman Joseph” from their debut album Bohemians Won The Series And The Little Guy Joined The Band. Now, you may that think that the name is a little awkward, but their is a very interesting story that was the basis for the song. This is what the band had to say about the song:

“The song is a tale of meetings by chance: two of the band members were walking home late one night when they came across a busker, some kids stole his guitar, they helped the busker get it back then took him for a drink and he told them his life story of being a former hitman. He was called Joseph.”

On this track you’ll find a full robust arrangement featuring tons of horns, female harmonies, groovin’ bass lines, and least not forget pop x 10– definitely a head nodding track

Check out the video below as well as a free download of that track


Napolean – Baghdad, Me and The Hitman Joseph