Here is the story of Satellite Crush. After graduating from art school, Elliot Craig, front man for the band, left for London in hopes of starting a band. There he spent many a night writing songs in his small apartment about the girl he had left behind in the states. (The band’s name is actually derived from that girl, who he had minimal contact with while in London. A “Satellite Crush”)

Getting a band together to play these songs turned out to be much harder than thought, so he made his way back to LA to start a new. Shortly after moving to L.A, Satellite Crush was formed, basing their material around the songs that were written in London.

Satellite Crush is dreamy, surreal indie rock. The first single, “Paris to London” has this feel-good, warm vibe to it. It’s the ultimate melancholic song to listen when your thoughts involve a girl/boy. The vocals are smooth and have a sense of yearning to them, while the guitars are airy with a tinge of ambiance that fills out the track. The more I listen to it the more I dig it.

You can find more of these songs on their debut EP, Arrows of Eros.


Satellite Crush – Paris to London
Satellite Crush - Arrows of Eros