Everyone’s Talking is a piano-rock band from Toronto consisting of Dani Rosenoer (piano/vocals) and Evan Kuhn (guitars/vocals). They have just released their latest album Dragonflies on the pay what you want scale.

You don’t hear too much about piano-rock  bands, but they are out there and Everyone’s Talking is no exception. The songs  vary from epic rock anthems to soft piano ballads and everything between. You have to take notice that Mr. Rosenoer has some skills tickling those ivories. He write these beautiful, melodic piano riffs that compliment the layered guitars provided by Mr. Kuhn quite well.  The one critique I have with them is that I feel the vocals aren’t needed all the time. The music itself has a very chill, laid back vibe for the most part and  is more than enough to carry the songs through till the end. Other than that, Dragonflies is a beautiful melodic album that needs a listen.


Everyone’s Talking – War pt. 2