Got some funky, good music to share with you from NJ eclectic collective, Midnight Mosaic. Their brand of ‘Rock N Soul’ has all the things necessary to make you dance and groove. Melding sounds of soul, funk, dance and pop they put their own spin on indie rock by infusing each of their sonic signatures to create a cohesive sound that I feel is the definition of rock and roll.

The band sent us over their last single to check out called “Outside the Lines.” On the track you will find the right amount of groove and musicianship that will keep the song in your head for a bit. What I’m really digging about their sound is the vocals. Both singers have this certain unique characteristic to their voice that just cuts through the mix and adds a unique flavor not found elsewhere. When you combine that with solid songwriting skills and big hooks, you have a song well worth your time.

Stream the single below and leave your thoughts in the comments. If you dig, pick up the single from iTunes.


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