NYC artist/producer, JMI, makes another big entrance with her latest extremely catchy, high-energy single, “Kix”– a song about everyone’s favorite accessory. We’ve been big fans of this electro-pop talent since she first came onto the NYC music scene some years back. Having migrated between Brooklyn and the LES to follow her passion, she has been in the studio the last few months recording and mixing “Kix” to perfection.

“Kix” is the type of song that will sweep you away to a non-stop dance party where infectious synths move and flow with the song. JMI enhances the non-stop energy of the track by adding her sultry vocals, driving dance beats and a gritty, electro bassline that glues the whole song together. All of these things build up and lead you to an anthemic hook that that you will be signing all week — dancing too.

On the b-side, JMI does a total 180 and switches it up with “Amanda,” a downtempo jam that lets you get inside this artist’s head. The haunting track is sexy, chill, vulnerable, yet strong, leaving you not knowing quite what to call it as she explores her sultry crooning and downtempo beats. If one thing is for sure, JMI is definitely bringing a new sound to the electro-pop game and should be one to look out for in 2014.