We got some new music for your ears this Friday morning. This new tune comes courtesy of Nicholas Wolex (a.k.a N Wolex), an African native based in South-East London. Once a former fashion and editorial model, he now is a self-taught composer who lives, sleeps and breathes all things music.

He recently release a new 7″ of his single “If You Had/No Regrets” which really gets intimate and personal, a trait that came from him observing first hand, the social deficiency which exists in London. This has led to N Wolex having a knack for being a societal storyteller. The elegant flow and mood of his music is made to enhance the context of his songs, which are often based on stories of domestic hardship.

When you listen to the track you will notice the simplicity it brings. The delicate, minor, yet beautiful piano chords flow over a jazzy drum beat and very revealing and emotional vocals. My favorite part of the song is the hook, it really gets underneath your skin with a little help form this beautiful harpsichord melody and upbeat, lifting lyrics.

I was really diggin’ his tunes and I’m pretty sure you will too. Peep the video to the single below and leave your thoughts in the comments.


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