It has been a while since I have done a full review of and EP/LP. That is about to change, What started as a single song post turned into an album review– and you can thank Wrings for that.

Lets start off with the basics… Wrings is an alternative pop/rock band from Sacramento, California. It comprises vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Zack Gray, lead guitarist Sean Stack, and drummer Brandon Lee. Together, they make a melancholic blend of indie rock and electro-pop. The trio has a new EP out called Phases and they sent us over a copy to check out.

After listening to the first few songs of the EP, I was definitely digging these guys vibe –it was cool how their songs brought on a musical feeling of nostalgia. Another thing you will notice about this EP is the melodic electro-acoustic instruments/elements that graced all the tracks–from digital to acoustic, they sounded pretty smooth when mixed with their organic, electronic beats.

When it comes to individual tracks, my favorite track was the first one, “Before I Went Away” –that one did it for me. With sing-a-long melodies, pure delicious electro-pop beats and all the other necessary pop music requirements, I found my self humming the song within a minute.

If you think that Wrings ends with dance beats and poppy synths, you are wrong. When you strip away the electronic instruments and beats, you get great, genuine songwriting. “If It Wasn’t For You and Me” and “I Am Free Now” is a perfect example of that, they are intimate tracks that expose Mr Gray’s voice as well as the dark, but positive lyrics about life.

What are you waiting for?!?! Stream Phases below and make sure to pick up the EP from your favorite music retailer. If you like this as much as I do, sound off in the comments.