French dance-rock band, Jamaica, are in town for tonight (Knitting Factory) and tomorrow (Mercury Lounge). We had a chance to talk to them when they got here and this is what they had to say.


1. Why did you change the name from Poney Poney to Jamaica? Why Jamaica?

Antoine: The drummer from Poney Poney left us right before we started speaking about recording an album. We thought it’d be good to start from scratch and find a new name. We wanted it to be available, easy to remember and ending in “A”. Also, we love Jamaican music so it was a way to pay homage to it.

3. Lots of movement on the French Music scene as of lately, how do you feel about it and how has it shaped Jamaica?

Antoine: without even wanting it, you just happen to know a lot of your fellow musicians when you hang out in clubs, playing etc. So besides the obvious musical link with Justice, I think there is probably a kind of emulation and common admiration for each other’s work.

4. How was it to work with Justice and Daft Punk’s Engineer on this album? Learn a lot?

Antoine: The main thing we learnt is that the job is never good enough and you have to work really seriously on every aspect of your project if you don’t want to regret anything. Hard work is always the key. Oh and a bunch of mixing tricks that I’ll keep to myself.

5. What’s your favorite song on the album? Why?

Antoine: I think “Junior” has the best chorus, “I think I like u 2” the best verse and “Jericho” the best lyrics.

6. What has been your craziest tour experience

Antoine: The last one was pretty cool: a stage invasion in Lyon with all the kids trying to play guitar. And two days before, a great helicopter ride in the mountains to get to the stage.

7. Whats on your plate for the rest of 2011?

Antoine: US and Canada tour, summer festivals, writing new songs. We already started, it’s really exciting.

8. Excited to play a few shows in NYC?

Antoine: It’s always great to play there, an awoken dream, seriously. Being born and raised in Paris, I love the excitement in NY.

9. Whats your favorite Super hero?

Antoine: Flo and I love Wolverine. Smokes cigars, gets girls, coolest look and tough. Fuck Thor, what’s this look?