samantha james
I think I have found the perfect release music and it comes from LA vocalist, Samantha James. If you are ever feeling stressed, relief is only a few clicks away. Her music will whisk you away to that calm place with her serenading voice and loungy house beats.

Ms. James has spent the past five years honing her skills in the dance/electronic/soul genre. She cites such artists as Sade, Basia, Amel Larrieux, Bebel Gilberto and Morcheeba as influences for her sultry smooth voice. Following the success of her debut LP Rise, Samantha James has dived deeper within her heart to give you her new album, Subconscious, which was released on OM Records (Kaskade, Bassnectar).

Produced by Rise collaborator Sebastian Arocha Morton (ROCAsound) and Shane Drasin, her latest outing is rich with sensuous melodies, warm pads, chilled-out beats, and touching lyrics of loss, love and long-lasting friendships that just capture your sonic spectrum and take you on a surreal ride.

I’m gonna put this album on tonight before I go to bed and fall into a very peaceful slumber.


Samantha James – Waves of Change (Kaskade Remix)