There is nothing wrong with some awesome pop-rock music. It makes you feel good, gets you energized, and can be played many times without getting boring. That was how I felt when I was sent the Movement EP from DC based band Detox Retox.

For the EP the group enlisted the talent of producer Andrew Maury (RAC) to craft their infectious dance rock sound. Taking post-punk influences and psychedelic rock, the group sounds a lot like We Are Scientists, (which is definitely not a bad thing) but can also be considered in the same vein as Phoenix, the Talking Heads, and the Arctic Monkeys.

Now, you would think that this genre can be trite and monotonous, but there is something with lead singer Michael Parker’s voice that is refreshing and feel good. Fuse that with the fast paced pop guitar melodies, a spot on rhythm section and sweet bass lines and you have something that will keep you dancing all night–definitely radio worthy.

Movement, will be released digitally and physically on June 15th.


Detox Retox – Too Late