Glitch Mob - drink the sea cover art

Album Cover for 'Drink the Sea' by Sonny Kay

If you don’t know who they are by now, The Glitch Mob is the talent of 3 seasoned LA producers who have a common goal of making you feel all those bass frequencies that are often missing. Composed of Ooah (Josh Mayer), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and edIT (Ed Ma), these 3 producers all bring something to the Glitch Mob sound that works quite well. While you could group these 3 producers in a similar, specific genre, each producers talent and sound varies enough to create something new and refreshing. Armed with a fresh sound, the group is set to release their debut album, Drink the Sea.

From the very first song, “Animus Vox” to the last, “Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul”, you have battle music. Drink the Sea plays more like a soundtrack for war rather than a collection of songs on an album. The music is very epic and extremely compositional. The album, from beginning to end, builds you up and brings you down in the right moments to give you some energy and excitement when you need it and a little downtime when you don’t.

The word that kept going through my mind during numerous listening session was  Electronic Orchestra. Sure, there may not be any brass, or wood winds, but the synthesizer sounds, blips, beeps, rumbling bass and big, deep drums all take their place on the grand stand. The orchestra weaves melodic chaos and makes you remember why they have the word “glitch” in their name.

Going back to this epic feel, the one thing that really did it for me were the deep drums. They were all over the album and I liken them to an infantry marching to the generals beat,  all in lock and step. That same marching feel can also be heard through the various synths they use. Crunchy synths, smooth synths, strings, and arps (edIT’s synth world is also prevalent on the album) all add to these layered, epic soundscapes.

There are not many lyrics in the tracks, but one track that did have them, and also a favorite of mine, was “Distance Between Points” featuring the haunting vocal talents of Swan. The track was in the middle of the album and was a dubbed out, trip hop jam that brought down the energy of the album for a little– like a little breather from a big battle. But fear not the next song, “We Swarm”, charged you up again getting you ready for your next fight.

Another track that I really liked was the very last one, “Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul.” When I first heard it, I was quite surprised because it didn’t sound like anything else on the album, but after a minute, I’m hit with some deep bass and tripped out hazy melodies. The melodies and structure on this track were pretty and sweet and I couldn’t help but think of an army returning from a triumphant battle eager to meet their families once again. A perfect way to round out the album.

Overall, I was very impressed with the battle of Drink the Sea. It may take you a few times to grasp what these gents are trying to do, but in the end it is well worth a listen.

Drink the Sea will be released all-over on May 25.


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