It has been more than a decade since Ray Mang, the alter ego of engineer, writer and producer Raj Gupta, has released new music. This time around he has teamed up with DFA records to make this nu disco-centric track called “Bulletproof” that packs tons of energy and fun with some help from some of the greats of the past.

First off, if the song sounds familiar, it’s only because it is a re-tooling of  “Bulletproof” by George Clinton. Ray Mang decided to speed it up a bit while keeping its funk roots. He then enlisted the help of Dee-Lite front women, Lady Miss Kier to provide this hefty, soulful tone that is equally as impressive as her classic track “Groove Is In the Heart”

The B side to this single, “Look Into My Eyes,” is laid back composition of handclaps, a singularly-minded beat, swirling synths and melodic keys. This is typical DFA style disco and it always a treat to listen to.


Ray Mang – Bulletproof