DFA’s newest artist, Free Energy, are sure as hell going to do something big with their nostalgic rock and roll sound. The sounds, lyrics, flow of these guys tracks scream Tom Petty or any of those classic rock bands that our generation grew up listening to.

Their first single from the James Murphy produced album, “Hope Child” is a 70’s rock jam that opens up with these iconic crunchy guitar chords that lead the way for Murphy’s trademark-esq  minimalistic style. Lead Singer, Geoff Bucknum, has these heart-felt, real, pop style vocals which seems to shine through on each track– I have to admit, Murphy does a great job at blending the new with the old.

What makes me wonder about this style/sound is  if it is where the future will be in rock music, bringing back those nostalgic rock tunes/sounds from the late 60’s and 70’s that seems to have disappeared these days and merging it withe creative energy of today? Sound off in the comments!

Free Energy’s debut full-length album, Stuck On Nothing, will be released digitally on March 9 and physically on May 4


Free Energy – Hope Child