My friend put me on to this mixtape from ATL (Atlanta for the un-educated)  producer Bobby Ray. Not usually a fan of these kinds of mixtapes, but this guy has some dope beats, and vocals (he both sings and raps on the 22 track tape).  It is a concept mixtape titled B.O.B vs Bobby Ray, which apparently puts his  singing side against, his emcee side.

He does both quite well, and produced most of the beats on the tape. What I really like about this album is that his music is very accessible to the mainstream (read: tons of pop), more so than I would ever have thought. His melodies/hooks are catchy, the sounds tight, and you can tell he had a lot of fun making it. Some tracks to check out are “Goodnight,  “No Mans Land,” Voltage and “Change Gonna Come”

You can download it for free from here


B.O.B – Voltage (Feat. Playboy Tre & Mickey Factz)