It may be fricking freezing here in NYC, but its good to know that Santa Barbara rock band Loomis & the Lust are keeping us warm with their catchy, throwback, danceable rock music. Formed in Early 2008 by guitar-wielding front man, Will Loomis, this bright four-piece features Casey Hooper on guitar, Anthony Sonetti on drums and Scott Henson on bass.

In the two years they have been a band their music has been picked up by Urban Outfitters for their store sampler, by Delta Airlines for their indie rock selection and the likes of MTV as a “buzz band.” They have just recently release their debut EP, Nagasha, with a little help from producer Brandon Mason, best known for his work with David Bowie, Secret Machines and Bono and the Edge.

It’s hard not to realize why their sound appeals to the masses. With all their music it seems as though they take the best parts of rock & roll from the past, add a little funk , a little Cali surf and mold it into something modern that still captures that same feeling as when listening to Beatles or the Rolling Stones for the first time. Take a track like “Girl Next Door” its fast, upbeat, fun, has some crazy guitar solos and to me, has that quintessential “rock sound”. In another example, their first single “Bright Red Chords,” which gained them their recognition, keeps with the tradition of rock music– simple guitar riffs/chords, catchy hooks and a moving, simple drum beat. All their songs are singable (as you should be doing) and contain so much energy and excitement that if you are not moving some extremity of your body you most likely don’t have a pulse.


Loomis & The Lust – Girl Next Door
Loomis and the Lust - Nagasha - EP