Oakland producer Joe Burge is here to seduce you with his smooth, silky R&B/soul tracks. He started playing piano when he was eight years old and along the way picked up guitar and bass. A few years later his parents buy him a 4 track and a drum machine– the rest is history.

With this passion to bring his sound to the masses, Mr. Burge has thus far released 2 EPs (one of which you download for free from his website) as well as his debut LP, Dare Go Wrong. In a true one-man band style, he plays all the instruments, while composing, producing, and engineering the entire thing.

The first thing you will notice while listening to him is his voice. It has a very R&B tone that is very sensual and romantic. (I’m sure a few of his songs have made the ladies drops their pants) With lyrics that are creative, smart and very heart-felt, he delivers his melodies in a laid back way that adds this smooth gloss over the whole track. The music, for the most part is very smooth an jazzy with drippings of R&B/Soul styling. You’ll find electric pianos, groovy bass lines lines and throwback drum patterns that fit together quite well for a unique vibe/style.

Overall I’d have to say that his music is baby-making music, the type of music you play for a girl on date when your trying to impress her– The music that will most likely get you laid. Wine not included


Joe Burge – Still On Your Mind
Joe Burge