Popskarr is a new Electro-Pop group hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. They consist of Belgium born singer IAmWaves and South African DJ/Producer Lapse. Both of them got tired of making dancefloor hits, so they decided to focus on the softer side of electronic music.

While listening to their first single “Tonight,” I cant help but compare their music to stuff coming out of the Binary Collective in LA. A catchy electro pop tune in itself, the addition of vocals by IAmWaves adds a Depeche Mode type of vibe, but not as dark.

Their first single is not that bad and I am looking forward to seeing what else these guys come up with. Check out the original below as well as the dance-floor ready remix by Brooklyn’s own Mr. Vega.


Popskarr – Tonight

Popskarr – Tonight (Mr. Vega Remix)