London indie/pop group Spearmint, are re-releasing their classic debut album A Week Away to mark its 10th anniversary. The reissue is a special remastered edition including a 24-page booklet and 12 bonus tracks, 7 of which are brand new.

The first single from the album, A Trip Into space, is the original full-length version of the band’s classic 1997 single that just really gets under your skin. The track opens with this piano riff that soon morphs into an upbeat sing-along track that is hard to ignore. The vocals are over dubbed in the chorus to create some huge, layered sounds that make this production that much more pleasurable to listen to.

Check out the track below as well as a brand new track from the album, “Outside the Roundhouse” which is a great piece of punk-pop.


Spearmint – A Trip Into space

Spearmint – Outside the Roundhouse