Relentless (Ian Buzz & Austin Heap), from San Fran Cali, produce house music that balances pop and underground styles. The best way to describe their sound is if your were to mix Gabriel & Dresden, Sebastian Leger, Deadmau5, and Erol Alkan together and make a super electro-house cake.

What I like about this duo is the careful way they compose their beats. You can tell its is a very meticulous process that one must sit down an just listen to to truly grasp all that is going on under that thumping house kick. Its like IDM but with a tinge of pop. Check out an original production as well as a remix they did for French producer Super Commodore.


Relentless – Double Slit (Original Mix)

Super Commodore – Radiopuppetsundaydirtywasher (Relentless Remix)