We don’t post too many mixtapes here on BBC, but when one comes along that we absolutely love, we cant refuse it to you guys, and this one no exception.

This mixtape comes courtesy from dDamage. In anticipation of there upcoming new full length dropping in October on the french hip-hop label Ascetic Music, the dDamage brothers have made this awesome mixtape that has mixes of tracks from the Beastie Boys, Tiga, Digitalism, Krazy Baldhead, Tes, Midfield General, Ministry, Bomb the Bass, Lil’Flip, Oizo, Mobb Deep, Suave Smooth, Run DMC, and many more.

Tigerbass Mix # 7 is 37 dirty, loud, pumping tracks that will get you going on this bland Thursday morning.


dDAMAGE-Tbass Mix Series #7 by Tigerbeat6

01 – Beastie Boys “Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun” (dDamage blend)
02 – Tiga “Far from Home” (Digitalism Remix)
03 – Krazy Baldhead feat Tes “Crazy Motherfucker” (Midfield General Remix)
04 – Ministry “Just one Fix” (12″ edit)
05 – Bomb the Bass “Tim Westwood Interlude”
06 – John Moss & Nick Lang “The Hard Way”
07 – dDamage “Punkt¸re” (Tigerbass Mix)
08 – Lil’Flip “I’m a Balla” (dj Gero Blend)
09 – Oizo “Stunt” (edit)
10 – N-Gels feat Estelle Desanges “On Fire”
11 – Mobb Deep “Quiet Storm” (dDash Remix)
12 – Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer “Modus Operandi”
13 – Suave Smooth “Put Dem Gunz Up” (dDamage Edit)
14 – Run DMC “The Beginning – No Further Delay” (dDash blend)
15 – Don Bishop Agallah, Young Jeezy & Sin “I’m the Truth” (dDamage Remix)
16 – Crunc Tesla “Welcome to the Circus” (dDamage re-Remix)
17 – dj Assault “Ass N Titties” (dDamage Blend)
18 – Above the Law “Murder Rap” (Mash-up)
19 – Aphex Twin “Ventoline” (Praze-an-beeble mix)
20 – CelluloÔd Mata “Log Boot” (Screewed)
21 – Paul Bowles “Visiting Gysin’s Studio”
22 – Mike & Rich “Bu bu bu ba” (dDamage edit)
23 – I-Cube feat RZA “Can you Deal With That ?” (Screwed & Chopped)
24 – Ultramagnetic MC’s “Poppa Large” (dj Seep Remix)
25 – Ratatat “Lex” (edit)
26 – Run DMC “My Adidas” (dDash + dj Gero “Meine Adolf Dassler” Remix)
27 – Funkstor¸ng “Commodore C128D” (dDamage edit)
28 – Komori “Street Crabz” (feat Tupac Mongol & Bone Thugz N Harmony)
29 – Ennio Moriccone “Humanity Part 2”
30 – Klaus Kinsky “Der Zorn Gottes”
31 – Oizo “Lotus Suite Kˆln” (edit)
32 – Don Rimini “A Forciori” (edit)
33 – Tone Loc “Funky Cold Medina” (dDamage Blend)
34 – dDamage “Drop ‘Dem Britches”
35 – Three Six Mafia “Stay Fly” (dDash Bootleg)
36 – dDamage feat Tes & Crunc Tesla “Adrenalyn Bisc” (dj Gero “Bou le Loubeyre” Remix)
37 – Carl Brutananadilewski “Physical Fitness”