Andy Caldwell is a songwriter, producer, classically trained pianist and trumpeter, remixer, DJ and label owner (of the recently re-launched Uno Recordings). He has also made a name for himself as a remixer of both underground heroes (Narcotic Thrust, Hani) and mainstream icons (Bee Gee’s, Jennifer Lopez) and received notoriety for his “unofficial” bootleg of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.”

Now a days,, times are tough and often music reflects these times. Andy Caldwell has done just that. He has made a sound to match these troubled times.. and he calls it Obsession.

In the past, Andy Caldwell was been producing soulful, sun soaked house music from his home base in San Francisco, but on this latest album he has made a tougher sound that is influenced from the electro/dance sounds of Europe.

The 11 tracks found on the album show how talented Mr. Caldwell is when adding some pop to his bass heavy, elctro/dance music. In the same vein as David Guetta, (prob even better in my opinion) all 11 tracks will get your attention, and your ears will be thoroughly pleased. To show how far he has come, Andy has this to say about the album,

“My sound has been changing over the last few years,” Caldwell says. I got more into the electronic sound with the European house scene and wanted to express that in an album. I was really feeling stagnant creatively and broke out of the soulful house shackles about a year ago.”

Mr. Caldwell recruited many artists to collaborate on this album including the likes of Mr. V (Strictly Rhythm, MAW Records), Gram’ma Funk (voice of Groove Armada’s “I See You Baby”) and emerging talents Storm Lee, Femke, Mr. J. Madeiros and Alexander Skye

Track highlights include the incredibly infectious “Its Guud” (ft. Mr. V) with its minimal beat and Mr. V smooth verses, the house grooving “Fear My Pride” (ft. Gina Rene) and the Akon styled “Scream”

Obsession will drop digitally on October 20 and on CD November 3


Andy Caldwell – It’s Guud (ft. Mr. V)

1. Black Diamond Sky (feat. Storm Lee)
2. Obsession
3. It’s Guud (feat. Mr. V)
4. Don’t Go Home Tonight
5. Funky Nasty (feat. Gram’ma Funk)
6. Scream
7. Put Me In The Mix (feat. Mr. J. Madeiros)
8. Fear My Pride
9. What Do You Feel (feat. Femke)
10. Time After Time (feat. Alexander Skye)
11. All I Want Is You