We here at BBC first heard of EmCee Example on Don Diablo’s hit “Hooligans” a little while back. Now, Example has his eyes set on the sound of pop and has produced an amazin’ summer track called “Watch the Sun Come Up” which will be released on September 21st on FSUK.

This is what Example himself said about the track: “everyone has had a holiday romance, a holiday fling, one night stand – whatever you wanna call it. There’s something about sunsets and beaches though that make you think you’re in love – when you’re probably not”.

The tune is pretty cool, sounds very euphoric with its soft pads and house piano stabs. The remixes for this track are off the hook, especially the Fred Falke one- this guys knows how to make a remix. The other remix by Joker and Ginz is more dubstepish but still good none the less. Check them out!


Example – Watch the Sun Come Up (Fred Falke Remix)

Example – Watch the Sun Come Up (Joker & Ginz Remix)