All I can say is that Jason Tyler makes some upbeat catchy electro-pop tunes. He has garnered praise from Urb Magazine, Felix Da House Cat and Missingtoof to name a few, and I’m sure he will get much more.

Hailing From Miami this producer, remixer and trumpeter (yes trumpeter) has just released his latest EP, Radical, and it is near perfect dance music. All you hipsters out there will be able to appreciate the beats this guy makes.

His music can be played at at your local hipster hang out, or the big room crowds, it is that versatile. Besides his stellar production work, his trumpeting can be found on most of his track and gives another layer/dynamic to his music.

We get a lot of dance music at BBC, and i have to say that this is some of the better stuff I have heard in a while. Take a listen.


Jason Tyler – Heart Beats