Vinyl Life is comprised of founder/programmer Butcha, MC Phaze Future and Keyboardist Richie Roxx. They are a pure “gear only” band utilizing the classic synths and drum machines from times past as well as live instruments.

After reviewing a sample track from the group last week I was taken back by the sound they had created; I wanted to hear more. Luckily, I was able to snag a copy of the album (self titled) from them to see what else they had up their sleeve.

Their “gear only” philosophy is what really makes this album stand out from other electro/hip-hop artists that I’ve heard recently. On every track you listen too you can hear that “analogue” sound come through. The sounds are raw and not processed at all. They apparently record their tracks in a “dub-style” where the mixing board is used as an instrument giving studio tracks a more live type of feeling. I think that that process has really worked to their advantage on this cd.

The beats on the album are in a minimal electro/Hip Hop (hello 808) style and the arrangements are bare, but yet there’s still a classic pop element on the album that’s hard to resist. Within the first 5 minutes of listening to the album I couldn’t help but think that I was listening to a hip-hop version of Kraftwerk.

“Future Beat” is a prime example of that, the drums are very minimal, arrangement simple, and the synth sounds they produce sound a lot like sounds Kraftwerk would create. The track Good Life “(It’s More Fun To Compute)” is actually an ode to the classic Kraftwerk track “It’s More Fun To Compute”

Another track that stood out for me was the reggae influenced song “Press Rewind” which features NYC reggae artist Uzimon. Its not every day you find a good electro reggae/dub track, but yet Vinyl Life has pulled it off.

Also, I highly recommend you check out “Hi Tops” and “Bass Go Boom” as well as the funny re-styling of De La Soul’s “Take It Off.” (feat. J-Zone, Ray West, & Tru Pro)

I have to admit that I like how MC Phaze Future spits his rhymes. His style on a lot of the tracks reminds me LMFAO, and the tone of his voice really fits well over the amazin’ production work Butcha has crafted.

If you want to listen to some good, different electro music, this is an excellent album to check out… The vinyl release is on August 4th, with the CD/Digital version coming out on September 15, 2009.


1. Hot Sauc
2. Hi Tops
3. Bass Go Boom
4. Electric Symphony (feat. Nite Club)
5. Innovation (Sebastian Marciano Remix)
7. Elevator Up
8. Good Life (It’s More Fun To Compute)
9. Etch-A-Sketch
10. Future Beat
11. Take It Off (feat. J-Zone, Ray West & Tru Pro)
12. Press Rewind (feat. Uzimon)

Vinyl Life – Future Beat

Vinyl Life – Press Rewind (feat. Uzimon)