– I totally think Farrah and Michael had beef back in the day and Michael told Farrah that he’d outshine her in the biggest way. She didn’t believe him but now that they’re in heaven (or wherever you believe they may be) and Michael has leaned over to Farrah and said “I told ya so” with a wink. It’s almost as if he timed it but then again, wasn’t it Chapelle who likened Michael to God, suggesting in his own way, that Michael is the cure for cancer? What a great South Park episode that would be…-

It’s extremely hard for me to put into words the impact Michael Jackson has had on my life. In fact, I didn’t even know he had an impact until now. Handling the aftershock of his passing is the hardest thing to do.

I remember getting my first BAD tape from my sister when I was just a little girl. I used to play his songs for hours many of which are connected to significant memories in my childhood. I remember my mom telling me that M.J. was playing in the ambulance when she broke her wrist after doing a trick on roller skates and when she was on the way to the hospital when she was in labor with me. I remember listening to “Man In The Mirror” while looking at the stars as a little girl. I remember learning every world and belting them out in my room just like I did last night. I remember singing “Heal The World” on the front steps of town hall preparing for a performance with the rest of my 4th grade class. Passing around a huge ball with a map of the world on it. Singing for a cause. I remember when “Black or White” came out. I remember making a dance to “Thriller” and dancing it on every Halloween.

I stayed up until 2am watching CNN coverage on Michael and music videos yesterday. I downloaded M.J.’s essential hits on iTunes last night so I could listen to them on the way to work this morning. And that’s the funny thing,the ride to and from work on the subway. New York is an interesting place. As New Yorkers, we get a bad wrap for being unsympathetic assholes. Last night, I wanted to scream in the subway station “MICHAEL IS DEAD” it was almost as if no one knew. But this morning that feeling changed. As I tapped my feet and fingers and mouthed the words to “Dangerous” I received glances and smiles and those people were tapping and snapping their fingers too. Although New Yorkers can be spineless and rude, we- well most of us- seem to hold a soft spot for the man whose songs we associate with memories for generations.

Michael was such an interesting man. Fucked up, yes. But learning about who he was, how he was and why, in addition to all the intricacies about his estate, debt, will and children, will be both interesting and hard at the same time. It’s hard for many of us to imagine how someone who was so prideful, perfect and a revolutionary talent had, in many ways, disintegrated in his personal life. His strange behavior, his lavish lifestyle, the court cases and yet Michael always wanted to give back. Make the world a better place, and he did that by transcending racial and musical barriers around he globe. Michael wasn’t a color because he made ones color insignificant. Even with his regular surgeries and the lightening of his skin he was just Michael. It didn’t matter if he was black or white…

And with that, even in death, it’s like my friend Nicole wisely said, as she sat on the phone with me while we watched the multiple helicopters surround Michael as he was airlifted to the coroners office, “even in death he cannot truly rest. It’s such a shame”.

I’ll write more on this as more details come to surface but for now, Michael, we will always love and honor you.

Also check out this mash-up VIKING & CJMILLI did – it takes the instrumental of Bag Raiders track ‘Shooting Stars”, and puts it under the acapella of ‘You Are Not Alone’ — good stuff