Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to start that week by giving you some fresh music/info from one of my new favorite groups, Flashmen.

Flashmen have been making some big moves lately. They have been getting psyched for their WEST COAST TOUR with Kap10Kurt as well as their appearance at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF)

While on tour, Flashmen will debut their new single, As the Night Rolls On, but since we can’t wait for that, they have been nice enough to share it with us in all of its sweet disconess (if that’s even a word!)

The track was written by singer Daniel E. with guest vocals from Sewingpattern who had this to say about the track,

“Sometimes writers block takes you in a weird direction that you end up being kind of happy with. Brad and I put together some hot bass and synth and drum action, but the ending just wasn’t coming. So, stuck on writing this track, I holed up with Brian Sulpizio @ The Chateau Music Studio in Humboldt Park, and said, “Fuck it Brian, lets just end the song with 2 minutes of wailing 80s guitars.”

Well writers block or not, Flashmen have created this awesome, dark, disco beat with moving basslines and wailing guitars, and with Sewingpattern adding harmonies all over the place, the song, you can tell, has so much emotion and feeling. Though this track has a different feeling than Little Wildkat, it really illustrates what diverse talent these two guys have as songwriters. Bravo! Keep it Up…

Tour Dates for Flashmen West Coast Tour
July 16th – Sacramento, CA (Bravado @ Mix Downtown)
July 17th – TBA
July 18th – Los Angeles, CA (Tilt/Binary @ Echoplex)


Flashmen – As the Night Rolls On