This is my first MJ post, and will prob be the last as I feel that anything I could say about him is conveyed in his music and spirit. With that in mind I want to share with you a song Don Diablo crafted.

The Diablo has done amazin job remixing “Do You Remember the Time” by MJ. The reason I am posting this song, rather than the multitude of others I have received, is that it illustrates a few things. One, MJ is on pitch for every single note, which shows how much talent he has as a vocalist, and Two, that Don Diablo was able to craft this very minor-sounding arrangement to an overall major-sounding pop song.

Talent on both ends… that’s for sure.

And the last thing I’m gonna say is that one person had the ability to change/shape the world–that my friends is power

enjoY! and remembeR

Don Diablo – Song for MJ (Remember The Time)