I have, for your listening pleasure, 2 brand spanking new tracks from up-and-coming duo Flashmen. Although their first ever show was during SXSW a few weeks ago, they are already blowing up the blogsphere with they discolicous sound.

Consisting of DJ Bradly D, and Chicago singer/songwriter Daniel E, Flashmen are taking the whole New Wave/Disco genre by Storm. The Production work of Bradly D is innovative and brings a fresh sound to the genre while Daniel’s vocal are mellow, yet surprisingly fitting for the songs.

The first track is Little Wildkat, and is my favorite of the 2. I heard an earlier version of the song, but they really re-worked it and I love it even more. It starts off with a bouncy arpeggiated bassline and adds in horn samples over a smooth dance drum track. The vocals are short and sweet and have enough echo to bring a haunting feeling to the lyrics. My favorite part is at the breakdown (around 1:20)

The 2nd, Flashmen Theme, is another disco, poppy beat that will get you moving. Like “Little Wildkat”, the song is pretty chill and not too crazy. It has tiny sharp synths layered throughout the track that really accent the melody and feeling. Bradly D takes over the vocal work for this production and i was surprised; he has a pretty decent voice — I definitely want to hear his voice on more of their tracks.

These tracks are off their EP Spy Hunter which is due to be released soon. Stay Tuned


Flashmen – Little Wildkat

Flashmen – Flashmen Theme