So when it snows more than 4 inches in NYC, it blows. like hard core

i awake this morning to find that there is at leasat 6-7 inches of snow on the ground. After dragging out of bed i make my way to the subway– but guess what no G Train. Can someone tell me why that when there is excess snow/rain the g train is always the one to shut down?

so now i have to take the bus, but the problem with that is that everyone else who can’t take the G train takes the same bus — low and behold 3 buses skip my stop because there too full.

So now I’m stuck walking another 25 minutes to the R station at Dekalb in the snowy, windy, crappy weather, only to make it to work, and have to work… Can anyone say The Mondays???
Rant done

Anyway at least Don Diablo can make my day brighter with his remix of the Mason track “You Make Me Want to Dance” check it out, and if you would like to share stories about how shitty it is to ride the MTA in the snow please comment—your not alone


Mason – You Make Me Want to Dance (Don Diablo Remix)