We all know Kaskade— excellent house music producer from San Fran. His new mix album, The Grand was released on March 17 and made quick moves to #1 on the Dance Album Chart.

Well, before his production work and remixes gained mainstream popularity, he was helping shape the scene of underground house music. He has done a ton of remixes for today’s rising stars in the house genre.

OM records
has compiled a remix album called Kaskade: the OM Remixes. The compilation cd spans over six years of Kaskade’s remix work. The comp shows the versatility of his work. This album is not usual Kaskade fare, sure there are those uptempo house beats that we know from him, but then there are others that are jazzy, downtempo, melodic, dreamy that one usually doesn’t see from him today.

If your a fan of Kaskade, then you will be a fan of this compilation. Check it out and get ready for the chillest “ride” you have prob had in a while.


Kaskade – Steppin’ Out (Kaskade Chill Out Mix)

Kaskade – If I Could (Kaskade More Pop Mix)