EP: Jxckson – Shadows

New music today comes from Austin, Tx artist, Jxckson. He sent us over his latest EP, Shadows, to check out and we were digging it. On the EP you a get dark and melodic experience with a vocally-focused performance that showcases stories of lost love, burning revenge, and meeting one’s match—all intoxicated with pop, rock, […]

Single: Lily Lambert – I Forgive You by

Time to take it down a notch with a new tune from folk singer/songwriter, Lily Lambert, This English born artist pursued her musical dream after graduating Law School and moving to NYC where she performed in NY musicals and Off-Broadway production all the while penning her original material. Her debut album, Life of Lily, took […]

Video: Matt Rouch – This Side of Paradise

Continuing on the relaxation for Sunday, we have another tune from Denver singer/songwriter, Matt Rouch. After being a long-time member of several bands on the east cost, he is undertaking a new challenge — performing solo as a folk and country singer. Matt’s style is a blend of new and old, listing contemporary acts such […]

Listen: Nick Driver – Baby Come Back to Me

Get Ready to relax on your last day of the weekend with some tunes from singer/songwriter, Nick Driver. He sent us over one of his new tunes called “Baby Come Back to Me” and it provided the right amount of relaxation needed to end a hectic week. Its just him and his guitar, but the […]

Single: John Helix – Roman Tic

New music today comes from singer/songwriter, John Helix. This artist describes his music as ‘Weltschmerz’ which is a German word for Romantic Sadness and I think he is spot one. He sent us over a few tracks from his latest release, Tune Out, Turn Off, Disconnect (taking a cue from Tim Leary’s famous dictum) to […]

Listen: Kenny Fame – Goodbye…

New tune from Harlem R&B artist, Kenny Fame. He sent us over his latest single “Goodbye” which is definitely something different, but in a good way. Taking the path less ridden, his sound is eclectic mixing soul, spoken word, folk & country to create something new and unique. Peep the track below and leave your […]

Single: Martina Linn – Up Or Down Below

New music this week comes from Swiss artist, Martina Linn. Ms. Linn grew up surrounded by traditional Swiss folk music and was already yodeling on big stages at 11 years old. When she was 14, Martina discovered her love for folk music and blues. She learned guitar, began performing cover songs which ultimately led to […]

TJ Doyle Releases Sophomore Album, ‘On the Horizon’

New music this week comes from LA artist, TJ Doyle. His style is a throwback to the 60s that is reminiscent of Neil Young and the artists of that generation (would not be surprised if he hears that a lot). He sent us over his sophomore release title On the Horizon which has ten songs […]

PollyPreacher Releases ‘The Bad Thing’

New music for your weekend getaway comes from UK artist, PollyPreacher. We found her recently released EP, The Bad Thing while browser the inter-webs and we liked it. When listening to her album, you will get a unique take on dream-pop that draws influences from artists like The Sundays and Syd Barret. You will also […]

Listen: SLO – Fortune

Jess Mills returns as SLO. Under the new moniker she is set to release a 4 track EP that is a beautifully crafted selection of honest and haunting new material that showcase her emotive vocals and ongoing sophistication as a songwriter. Peep a track from the EP, “Fortune,” below and leave your thoughts in the […]

Listen: Nate Paladino – Buy Your Heart

Next ups is some new music from singer/songwriter Nate Paladino. This OC artist makes music that lies on the dark and introspective side of love hidden between his blues, ballads, rock and 50’s-60’s pop influences. He recently released an EP called Good Boy and sent it over to use to check out. You can stream […]

Listen: Miriam Crespo – Thierry’s Song

This week’s new music comes courtesy of singer/songwriter Miriam Crespo. She been playing her blend of Indie folk since the summer of 2012 that took her across Europe and some US cities. She has a new track out called “Thierry’s Song” and it is the first track from her upcoming full length debut album, In […]

Video: Jay Jacobson – I Lived

New music this week comes courtesy of LA based singer/songwriter, Jay Jacobson. Jay is no stranger to the music game, during his career he has released five full length CDs of his original music which have been played on radio and podcasts around the world. Also, Jay was recently named “The One to Watch” on […]

Listen: Thorne – The Parade

Love new music? So do we. That is why we would like to share with you folk/rock group, Thorne. Composed of Nadja Vogt and Chris Weber, this duo recently joined forces to make music that embraces elements of folk, rock and pop with real and honest song writing. Thorne sent us over their recent single […]

Welcome: Amarachi

Got some new music to share with you all –her name is Amarachi. Hailing from Nigeria, and in possession of the true roots of African music, Amarachi has a been singing since she was 9 years old and has a knack for creating some great music. She cites her influences as Amy Winehouse and Craig […]

Listen: Jenny’s Vision Project – Angels

Get ready to break out those tissues because Norway’s Jenny’s Vision Project will bring some tears to your eyes. A multinational independent music project, Jenny’s Vision Project enlists the talent of guest vocalist`s, artists and musicians from Los Angeles, Hollywood, Canada, France and Norway — a universal project in both in genre`s and musicians. Jenny’s […]

Video: Andy Grammer – Back Home

Singer/songwriter, Andy Grammer, hits us with his latest single called “Back Home.” And like all his previous single before this, its catchy as f**k. If you are not humming this by the end, then I don’t know what to say. Peep the song below, and look for it at your favorite digital retailer on April […]

Welcome: Steve Benjamins

Canadian artist, Steve Benjamins, is taking the singer/songwriter genre in new directions. He just recently released a new album called Disoriented Man that gives us a taste of this new sound. No longer is he just a person singing songs on piano or guitar. His music  adds some really cool electronic elements into the mix while dashing […]

Video: Harleighblu – Let Me Be

Need some soul in your life? Well we got what you covered. Uk based singer/songwriter, Harleighblu, sent us over the video to the latest single from her debut album, Forget Me Not, which dropped in October. The track is called “Let Me Be” and showcases the singers distinctive vocal charisma and deep, catchy hip hop-infused soul […]

Video: Naomi Pilgrim – No Gun (Live Studio Session)

We talked about singer/songwriter Naomi Pilgrim‘s debut single, “No Gun,” a little while back o BBC. We were amazed at the sound of her voice over her sweet dub/soul beats. Today, she has sent us a stripped down live rendition of “No Gun” which really highlights the talents Ms. Pilgrim has. She really does have […]