New Remix: Crystal Fighters – I Love London (She Is Danger Remix)

When I first heard of female dubstep producers, She Is Danger, I fell in love immediately. Their take on bass thumping, in your face productions made me take notice.  They have now put their touch on the Crystal Fighters  track “I Love London” and turned it into a monster. I have heard a ton of […]

Chester French – C’mon (On My Own) Remixes

As a holiday treat, Chester French, who for some reason has a whole bunch of hype an publicity  earlier this, but yet nothing in the later half, asked a few producers to remix their track C’mon (On My Own) from their debult LP, Love the Future. The remixes come from 2 producers who BBC has […]

New Remix: Reni Lane – Place For Us (Monsieur Adi Remix)

This remix came courteous of producer Monsieur Adi. It is a remix to Reni Lane‘s single “Place for Us”. The original was a pretty good indie rock song, but Mr. Adi ditches that for the electro-pop flavor that take these tracks to another level. The song start of with an epic progression of beautiful chords […]

DATA – Electric Fever

DATA has jut released their latest single, “Electric Fever,” along with remixes from Munk, Idiotproof and Acid Washed. The original track sounds like a 80’s action movie theme song on par to something like Beverely Hills Cop. (but its no Axel Foley) It starts of with a long intro, but eventually gives way to some […]

Freeland – Cope (Remixed)

UK producer, Freeland (Adam Freeland), released his debut album, Cope, this past summer. With that album came a whole new direction for the Grammy nominated DJ/Producer. He wanted to create songs that he could spin as well as play live. To accomplish that, he took his electro/breaks sound and combined it with the musical talents […]

Eat More Cake – Red Sky

“Red Sky” is the first single from Eat More Cake‘s debut album, Climb The Ladder, Live The Dream (Out in 2010) which features the beautiful vocals of Alexis Griffith. Red Sky is being released across two parts. Part One contains the avant-garde, with the original album version supported by remixes from the Diogenes Club, Lazybones […]

New Remix: Micachu – Lips (NTEIBINT Remix)

Just got this remix from Athens producer NTEINBINT. He took an upbeat brit-rock track by London band, Micachu and flipped it into a dark, downtempo, twisted mosnter. enjoY! Micachu – Lips (NTEIBINT Remix)

Fever Ray – Keep The Streets (MaJiKer’s BPM Remix)

Digging this Fever Ray remix by this really dope English producer named Majiker. It has this middle eastern/indian sound to it with a touch of a tribal. Least not forget the pretty piano parts that are scattered throughout, or the hypnotic chanting that appears later in the mix. As usual, Karin Dreijer-Anderson voice fits really well […]

Remix Central – Redlight

Redlight is DJ/Producer from NYC/Boston. For the past two years he has been DJing in NYC and producing dance remixes. Lately though, he has focused more on his own production work. His roster includes remixes of Lady Gaga, Kid Sister, Beyonce, and Vampire Weekend to name a few. The thing I like about this guy […]

New Remix: Charlie Tippie – Vocaloid (Terror Dactel Mix)

Check out this remix done by Subdrive artist Terror Dactel. The original is from hard-hitting vocalist Charlie Tippie who has worked with producers such as Ming of Ming & FS fame, Terror Dactel, as well as opening for Lil Wayne. The track, “Vocaloid” is a perfect combo of rock and hip-hop, with a enough grit […]

New Remix: Delphic – This Momentary (LightsoverLA remix)

LightsoverLA is a producer hailing from Phoenix Arizona. He has just finished remixing Delphic‘s “This Momentary” and turned it into a creamy, delicious soundscape. Delayed guitars, and a simple smooth bassline create a  chillaxed ambient sound that should be listened to while on along drive down a never ending highway, or just enjoying the sights […]

New Remix: Pete Lawrie – Black and Blue (Troublemaker Remix)

The latest remix from Cali producer/remixer Troublemaker is “Black and Blue” by Wales soulful singer/songwriter Pete Lawrie. Troublemaker has added his signature hip hop/dub sound to a rather chill track. The mix is big and Mr. Lawrie’s vocals fit freakishly perfect with it– I think he needs to do a few more tracks with this […]

New Remixes: Amanda Blank – Shame On Me

We all know that Amanda Blank is the shit. Her attitude, lyrics, and flow screams rad. Well, she has just released her latest single “Shame On Me”, and with it comes tons of remixes. The 1st remix, by VIKING,  is a slice of  chill disco pie,  while the 2nd, done by Chew Fu, like usual, is […]

New Remix: Sunny Day in Glasgow – Shy (Ernest Gonzales Remix)

Ernest Gonzales, who sometimes goes by the alias Mexicans With Guns has just finished his latest remix of Sunny Day in Glasgow‘s “Shy.” Refashioning the krautrock drum-machine beat and guitar loops of the original, “Shy” turns into a more sparse, dynamic mix, keeping the track afloat on wispy loops of vocals and synths. enjoY! Sunny […]