DVW – FUCK YEAH The Tape 4

DVW is back again with his FUCK YEAH Mixtape series. This time he drops Vol. 4 which has tons of remixes, as well as some original tunes on it. His previous mixtapes have been received well so Im sure this one will no different. Get ready for 28 minutes of […]

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Up and Coming: I Haunt Wizards

After a friend request from I Haunt Wizards on Myspace a little while back, they have gotten their sh*t together and are ready to take on the music world.The London trio, composed of Helen Kirby (Vocals), Zac Holden (Drums) and James Lavelle (synths), are only 18 years old, but yet […]

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Paych3k & Crimepay – Who’s Your Daddy

Paych3k & Crimepay, hip-hop duo hailing form Virgina have done a mash-up of sorts with their latest track “Who’s Your Daddy”By sampling the first 5 seconds of “Stand By Me,” they have manged to add some dark jazzy drums and some sweet rhymes to create a different, but catchy tune.I […]

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Movie Minute: Bruno

This has absolutely nothing to do with music but the hilarity of only the trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie “Bruno”, set to hit theaters in the U.S. on July 10th, is so funny I had to share it. I mean the movie features Richard Bey! I couldn’t […]

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Music Video: TV Off – Music Machine

Here is a video to a nice little electro-pop tune courtesy of Finland Duo TV Off. The song itself is full of arpegiated synths and funky bass lines with a hook that is ever so catchy. If your not singing it by the end of the video, then I don’t […]

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New Remix: Automatic Panic – Louder (Trash Yourself Remix)

Thought I’d share this nice little crazy electro remix with you this morning.

Boy/Girl duo Trash Yourself provides your ears with a wake up call, and considering the fact that I had the most depressing day yesterday this tune is actually making me feel a little better.

They have remixed Cali […]

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Haley: This is How it Goes ft. Kaskade

One of my favorite dance producers, Kaskade, dropped a new mix album “The Grand” a few months back and now the songs are slowly coming into aural range. Via Facebook (I know right?!) I found his new single “This is How it Goes” featuring vocalist “Haley”. The song is about […]

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Phresh out the Inbox

For all our NY area fans, check out this hot NYC Summer Stage performance coming our way. Oh and the best thing about it… it’s FREE!

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