29 08, 2014

Listen: CityStar Embassy (A.R. & Stu G…) – Green

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Feeling green? If so it’s a go… New Haven boys A.R. and Stu… G have teamed up to form the Almighty, Eternal CityStar Embassy. They just finished putting the touch on their latest track, “Green,” and sent it over.

Peep the track below and look for this track and more […]

25 08, 2014

Listen: Stu… G – Penguin Aka OsWald CobblePot

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Continuing on the hip hop theme for Sunday, we have more new tunes from CT native Stu… G. Whats great about Stu… G’s story is that he was able to escape the poverty he grew up in through hip hop music and comic books.

The track he sent over for […]

19 08, 2014

Listen: Rails – Out Of Trap

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What better way to start your Tuesday then with some delicious trap music courtesy of NYC producer Rails. He sent us over his latest collection of works titled Out of Trap. When you listen to the album front to back you will notice that Rails definitely pushes the boundaries […]

18 08, 2014

Welcome: JBap

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Happy Monday! To start you off, we have some music from an Austin based producer name Jean Baptista, aka JBap. He is an up and coming producer who puts an emphasis on unique music productions by mixing a little bit of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B and Pop to create […]

13 08, 2014

Listen: Evin Gibson – Instant Fire

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Time to take it down a notch with some sultry/sexy tunes courtesy of award-winning singer/songwriter/model/actor, Evin Gibson. Mr Gibson is taking us back to the 90′s with his R&B hit and latest single, “Instant Fire.”

The track was featured on MTV and the single reached number one of several radio […]

11 08, 2014

Welcome: Andrea Remondini

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Andrea Remondini is no stranger to making music. He has been doing it since the mid-80′s when he as only 12 years old. Back then he taught himself to play the piano and made some early experimentations in electronic music using the computers of the time. Fast forward 10 […]

11 08, 2014

99 Waves = Fresh EDM

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Some fresh new music to start you week of comes courtesy of 99 Waves, a new Italian electronic record label. Founded in 2013, 99 Waves is based in Turin, where they look for talented producers, singers and DJs t create a team of friendship and music.

This mission to […]

10 08, 2014

Listen: Fire and the Romance – Rescue

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First we hit you with a remix of Fire and the Romance’s “She’s A Devil,” now we hit you with a brand new track, the 3rd single from their forthcoming Adaptations LP called “Rescue.”

On “Rescue” we find the group taking a softer approach to their blend of indietronica goodness. […]