Guidelines For Submission

Digital submissions are preferred (email submit [at] boomboomchik [dot] com), but I don’t hate getting cool new music to check out, so if snail mail is necessary please send to.

213 Taaffe Pl, apt#217
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Guidelines we kindly ask you guys to follow when submitting to us:

1. Please address the blogger you are targeting. Do some research, see what kind of music Radio Morillo and I (Jemex) are talking about.

2. Please include all pertinent information about the band in the email, including music genre. Please make our job easier by telling us who the band is. If Ms. XYZ is performing in NYC in July and sends us a calendar but doesn’t include any other information like song samples and a short bio, what are we supposed to do with that?

3. Please include a a hi-res pic or two of the artist for use in our posts. Make sure they are good quality can be enlarged or made small as needed. If it gets super pixelated when enlarged, it’s not good.

4. Follow BoomBoomChik on Twitter and Facebook and engage with us; leave a comment on our posts. If you guys like what we write, let us know! If you think there’s a band we should be checking out, let us know. Just don’t spam our inbox and not even try to follow up and develop a relationship. If it’s evident you guys don’t read our blog, we can’t help you.

5. Short and sweet press releases please. Keep the important info in two – three paragraphs, include contact information, picture, links, and sound samples.

We appreciate you guys for sending us music. We are both musicians AND music fans and in many cases we spread the word about cool finds we get in our inbox, but we need your help. In order to keep up writing about cool, new music, we need to have all of this information readily available.