Video: Jason Achilles Mezilis – Panhandle

New music for your Thanksgiving break comes from LA artist, Jason Achilles Mezilis. The prolific musician has had his hand in the industry for a while now and has no intention of stopping. Mezilis was classically trained in piano from a young age and ended up with the electric guitar a week after his first Van […]

Single: Cranky George – Misery Road

Los Angeles-Based Indie Rock Band, Cranky George, who we have talked about in the past, have a new single out called “Misery Road.” Misery Road is the second single from the band’s debut full length album Fat Lot of Good. “Misery Road” wears its emotions on the sleeve with a little help from some country […]

Listen: Wild Fur – Can You See Me

The story of Wild Fur start with 2 guys, Wylie Hunter and Nick Jaeger, passing back demos of material they were working on. This led them to a musical collaboration that turned out their new dreamy single, “Can You See Me.” While listening to the track, you can see that these two guys broke with […]

Video: Cranky George – Nighttime

Los Angeles-Based Indie Rock Band Cranky George have a new single out called “Nighttime.” This five peice has brought together members and musical styles from both sides of the Atlantic to create a unique take on folk-influenced indie rock that is a bit different from the rest. Touted as a “A siren call for lovers […]

Video: As the Tide Goes By – Scott Taylor

Today’s tune comes from Scott Taylor, a DC-born r&b/soul singer-songwriter. Singing his heart out since he was 6 years old, he sent us over the video to his latest single titled “As the Tide Goes By.” The tune has this trippy, laidback vibe that reminds me of The Doors every time I hear it. Also […]

Video: Jennifer Hope – Bring Me to Life (Cover)

New music for this week comes from LA alternative singer/songwriter, Jennifer Hope. Known for her ethereal/dreamy vocals and unique vocals she has undertaken the challenge of covering “Bring me To Life,” a song originally done by Evanescence. And i have to admit I’m loving her take on it. On this version Jennifer hooks up with […]

Single: Nick Urb – Emily

Ladies, get ready to fall in love… with a little help with Nick Urb. This Detroit Artist has been playing in bands around Michigan for over 8 years playing at any place he could. This led him to released his first album 2012 called We Are Able, which rode the tails of the emerging mellow […]

Single: Underlined Passages – Everyone Was There

New music today comes form Underlined Passages, a new project from Rich Marcinek, Jamaal Turner, and Michael Nestor and (ex. Seldon Plan). They usually play driving indie rock tunes, but on this project decided to take it down a bit and give you some delicious indie-pop gems. With the release of their new album coming […]

EP: Champ de Mars

Fresh for you years this week is a brand new rock band from Washington DC called Champ de Mars. The ensemble of writers, artists, journalists, absorbers was assembled by David Emerick and together they make some solid indie rock tunes. They sent us over the latest self titled EP to check out and we were […]

Listen: The RA-6600 – Alien Planet

New tunes for you courtesy of Nashville duo, The RA-6600. They sent us over a copy of their latest album, Alien Planet, to check out and it is an album that captures the true DYI spirt. Recorded in a garage with one microphone and the vocals into the on-board mic of a 2009 Macbook, they […]

Album: Red Martian – Slow Motion Samurai

Red Martian is their name, and shoegazzy indie rock is their name. Formed in 1999, Red Martian came out of the DIY punk scene in Seattle, WA. Drawing influences from My Bloody Valentine, New York Dolls, and Iggy Pop, they bring those influences to a new age of rock. They sent us over their new […]

EP: Jenny’s Vision Project – Happy & Crazy in a Lifetime

New music for your upcoming weekend, comes from Norway’s Jenny’s Vision Project. The brainchild of keyboardist and producer, Kristianzhe. The project, which has been in existence in some form since 1991, is made for a chilled out weekend. They sent us over their latest EP, Happy & Crazy in a Lifetime, to check out and […]

Single: Matt Lande – Spin

New music for your weekend comes from Flordia artist, Matt Lande. After previously touring with Storyside: B and getting some exposure on the Christian music circuit, he decided to go out on his own and start crafting his sound. This lead to him signing a deal in 2010 that saw the release of his Stories […]

UK’s Fiction Set to Release Debut EP

Fiction, the London-based band behind critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Big Other, have unveiled the lead track from their upcoming EP, Best Before. The track is a perfect example of what’s to come from the band, beginning with wailing feedback and samples of operatic singing, before jumping into their trademark combination of deft guitar lines […]

Listen A Band Called Quinn – Drive With Your Eyes Closed

Got some new music for you from A Band Called Quinn, an art-pop band from Glasgow, Scotland. They sent us over their newest track, “Drive With Your Eyes Closed” featuring remixes by Chemical Underground producer & artist Miaoux Miaoux & Celebrity Murder Party. Listen to the sweet, sweet track below and look for the single […]

Video: Pacanomad – Restless

One last track before you pack it in for tonight comes from Pacanomad, a Rock/R&b group from London. The project started out a couple of years ago as a guitar and vocals only group led by Nick Cifaldi and Chantel Rivard. Upon writing a few songs together they realized that they had something on their […]

The Great Escape Release Self-Titled Debut

The Great Escape, a foot-stomping, genre-busting three-piece from Venice CA, have struck that California vein again – with their own blend of raw energy song writing. The trio seamlessly merges classic influences like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix with modern contemporaries Adele and The Dead Weather. The three first met while songwriting for other artists […]

Listen: LOVESUCKER – Show Me

Next up is LOVESUCKER, a Charlotte, NC based duo that dabbles in the indie-funk/Rock-soul genre (or as they describe it– East Coast Garage Grime meets West Coast Gypsy Soul). They recently released their self-title EP and is must listen if you want to get your groove on. Funky, groovin’ basslines and dirty rock guitars really […]

Listen: Fire and the Romance – Rescue

First we hit you with a remix of Fire and the Romance’s “She’s A Devil,” now we hit you with a brand new track, the 3rd single from their forthcoming Adaptations LP called “Rescue.” On “Rescue” we find the group taking a softer approach to their blend of indietronica goodness. The track has a very […]

Listen: Dog Society – Losing Her Again

NYC pop collective, Dog Society, have come out with new album called In the Shade, the follow up to 2013’s Emerge. If you feel like you have heard the name before, it is because we have mentioned them before on this site. Here is a quick refresher, Dog Society consists of Brian Schnaak, Bruce Erik […]